So why do we dive from Kata beach on Phuket when there is so many dives available around Koh Phi Phi , Racha Noi & Racha Ya. Simply put if you are doing boat dives around the Phuket area they are all usually done at the 3 islands mentioned previously, this means a boat trip that is anywhere from 1.5-3hrs in each direction with 2-3 dives in a day that starts at the pier around 8am with a return to the dock usually between 4:30-6pm.

Beach diving at Kata can be done in the morning, afternoon or even a night dive all dependent on local conditions & the tides. Usually we will try to dive at high tide; you have the option to do a single tank dive or 2 tanks based on your preferences & available time. Having booked your day to dive we will decide with you on the timing that works best for all, if the high tide is early morning we will get you fitted for any needed dive gear the previous day otherwise we will meet you at the shop on the day of the dive & get you fitted just before we head out to the beach. (Note: if you are staying in the Kata/Karon or Patong area it will probably be more convenient for you to meet us directly at the beach. If you are traveling from Chalong, Rawai or Phuket Town the shop is located on the main road over to Kata so it is more convenient to meet at the shop)

Our instructor will load the vehicle with tanks, weights & the gear you have been fitted with then head over the hill to Kata beach. The north side of the beach is usually the best site for diving & not so far of a walk from the closest parking again though it can get very crowded for parking at later times especially during high season. Once unloaded the instructor can help you setting up gear if you need the assistance then give you a short briefing on the dive site. The actual dive site is in an area marked of to avoid boat traffic & accessible with a short surface swim out over a sandy bottom (there are a few longtail boat mooring lines here which can be a good area to search as you end your dive) various small fish & the occasional seahorse can be found using these for protection from larger predators. The dive will usually follow the reef out on your right hand side giving you the opportunity to see what is out on the sandy area as well as the reefs edge, your route back will probably take you over the reef. Maximum depths are usually around the 7-12m range & for even newer divers a 50-60 minute dive is typical. Things to look out for are various clownfish in anemones, cuttlefish on the sandy bottom, coral banded and white striped cleaner shrimps, Moray eels, ghost pipe fish & many other species. If you are doing a single dive once back at the beach we can break down the gear & have you finished up for any other activities that you were planning, for those doing a 2 tank dive we will do a surface interval of at least 30 mins allowing you to get hydrated & refreshed before heading out to complete your second dive. Since none of the day trip boats offer a night dive option Kata beach is usually your best option for doing a night dive since sunset is usually  between 6:40-7pm you can be done & heading out to dinner around 8:30pm with lots of exciting discussion around the dinner table with what you just saw on your Kata Beach night dive.