Kiwidivers : Best Choice for TecRec in Phuket

PADI TecRec Rebreather Kiwidivers Phuket

At Kiwidivers we teach both Open Circuit Technical Diving (OC) and Closed Circuit Technical Diving (CCR) with a range of courses from beginner levels to Instructor levels. 

Kiwidivers is Thailand’s leading Technical and Rebreather training facility with more rebreathers and more courses than any other training center in Thailand. With years of experience teaching rebreather courses from recreational levels through to technical and instructor levels.

Award-winning Kiwidivers instructors have introduced more people to their first bubble-free dive on a rebreather than any other rebreather instructor in the Asia Pacific region.

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How do rebreathers work?

Semi-closed rebreathers (SCRs) recycle some of the gas that you exhale. Bubbles escape in a stream or small bursts, but significantly less than open-circuit. SCRs only need one gas supply, but it must be enriched air – typically EANx36 or higher, but it must be breathable to the maximum dive depth. In the past, mechanical SCRs were used by recreational divers, but modern ones are electronically controlled.

Rebreathers are a type of scuba that re-use some or all of the gas we exhale. There are two basic types: closed-circuit rebreathers (CCRs) and semi-closed rebreathers (SCRs). Both use a chemical process to remove waste carbon dioxide from the recycled gas, and both replenish the oxygen consumed from the recycled gas.

Closed-circuit rebreathers (CCRs) recycle all the gas that you exhale. Few bubbles escape, (some do, such as during ascents to release expanding gas). CCRs require two gas supplies, a diluent (usually air) and 100 percent oxygen. CCRs suited to recreational divers are electronically controlled, as discussed in more detail in the next subsection.