Andaman Tritan boat liveaboard phuket kiwidivers
Andaman Tritan Dining deck liveaboard phuket kiwidivers
Andaman Tritan Diving deck liveaboard phuket kiwidivers
Andaman Tritan Diving deck 1 liveaboard phuket kiwidivers
Andaman Tritan Dinner liveaboard phuket kiwidivers

The Andaman Tritan is a remarkable liveaboard diving vessel that offers an exceptional experience for exploring the magnificent Similan Islands. Measuring 24.5 meters in length, this boat sets itself apart from others with its array of affordably priced cabins, delectable cuisine, and an internationally experienced management team with a wealth of diving expertise in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Limited to a group of 16 guests, the Andaman Tritan provides exclusive diving cruises in the Similans. Guests can choose from a variety of cabin options, including single occupancy. Alongside two master cabins, there are deluxe cabins with both double and twin beds, as well as standard cabins with twin beds on the upper deck and cozy single-bunk cabins on the lower deck. Every cabin is equipped with air conditioning and receives daily housekeeping, ensuring a comfortable stay tailored to your preferences, budget, and group size. Furthermore, the experienced and friendly crew and diving staff indulge guests with exceptional meals throughout the day. The boat offers ample spaces for relaxation, whether it be sunbathing, reading, browsing through diving photos and videos, or simply taking in the breathtaking scenery.

Embarking on the Andaman Tritan grants you the opportunity to embark on captivating liveaboard cruises to the Similan Islands and Richelieu Rock, lasting 4 days and 4 nights (or 5 days and 5 nights during special times of the year). It’s important to note that these trips are sometimes advertised with longer durations elsewhere, which can be misleading. However, the actual duration of the journey is 90 hours, with the boat departing in the evening and returning in the afternoon four days later. To provide accurate information, we advertise the trips based on their correct duration.

Departing from Khao Lak, located 100km north of Phuket, the Andaman Tritan offers complimentary pick-up services from various locations. Guests are then transported to the pier for embarkation. Sailing off in the evening allows guests to enjoy a delightful dinner while getting acquainted with fellow travelers, waking up to find themselves already at Thailand’s finest diving sites.

Onboard the Andaman Tritan, divers have the opportunity to participate in a range of PADI courses. Additionally, non-diving guests are welcome to join and indulge in snorkeling adventures and picturesque views. Certified divers can also opt for Nitrox, which is readily available.

Andaman Tritan Deluxe Cabin liveaboard phuket kiwidivers
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Andaman Tritan Master Cabin liveaboard phuket kiwidivers
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