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Discover Tec Diving

The Discover Tec Diver program from Kiwidiver is a one-day course that exposes you to the equipment and technical dive equipment used by technical divers while discussing the considerations and goals of technical diving.

Discover Tec includes a short confined water experience that allows you to give technical diving equipment a try. You get to wear all the standardized technical diving equipment and experience a few basic skills, such as out-of-air drills, regulator switching, and possibly gas shutdown procedures.


  1. 18 Years Old
  2. Open Water Diver certification from any recognized agency
  3. 10 logged dives
  4. 1-day course, 1 dive, which may be in confined or confined-type conditions
1 Day - Confined Water
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1 day course in confined water
1 day course in pool or confined-like water conditions
Instructor fees included
All gear rental included
Transportation not included - meet at pool or shop
**Pricing may change due to market prices of Oxygen gas. Please contact us for a quote.
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