Kiwidivers : PADI Tec Course Comparison

When training to be a technical diver it is far more important to choose the instructor you want to train with than the agency they certify through. This often leads to technical divers that have training across different agencies and some confusion when crossing from one to another. This Technical Diving Course Comparison should indicate at what level your other agency qualification is recognised by PADI.

This is a first reference point for crossing over from another certification agency to continue your training with PADI. It is still advised to forward copies of you current training certification record to your PADI Tec Instructor or Instructor Trainer so they can verify you are crossing over at the right level.

If you have any questions on crossing over from one agency to another, please contact us.

The chart below may be used to find the qualifying PADI TecRec diver certification when crossing over from another training organisation. Look for the organisation and the student’s current level at which it qualifies in the PADI TecRec program regimens.

OrganizationProgramPADI Tec 40PADI Tec 45PADI Tec 50PADI TMx 65PADI TMx 90
ANDIExtended Range Diver (Level 4)XXX
ANDIIntermediate Trimix Diver (Level 5)XXX
ANDITechnical Safe Air Diver (Level 3)X
ANDITechnical Trimix Diver (Level 3)XXX
ANDITechnical Wreck Diver (Level 3)X
ANDITrimix Diver (Level 5)XXXXX
BSACAdvanced Decompression ProceduresX
BSACAdvanced Mix Gas DiverXXX
BSACAdvanced Nitrox DiverX
BSACExplorer Mix Gas DiverXX
BSACExtended Range DivingX
BSACSport Mic Gas DiverXX
CMASAdvanced NitroxX
FFESSMPlongeur Trimix ElémentaireXXX
FFESSMPlongeur TrimixXXXXX
GUETech I CourseXX
GUETrimix CourseXXX
IANTDAdvanced EANx Cave DiverXpartialpartial
IANTDAdvanced EANx InstructorX
IANTDAdvanced Recreational Trimix DiverX
IANTDNormoxic TrimixXXX
IANTDTechnical Cave InstructorXXX
IANTDTechnical InstructorXXX
IANTDTechnical Wreck DiverXXX
IARTOpen Circuit Diver Level II (Normoxic Trimix)XXX
IARTOC Extended Range (Normoxic Trimix)XXX
IARTOC Advanced TrimixXXXXX
IDAAdvanced Nitrox and Advanced Deep AirXXX
ITDADecompression NitroxX
ITDAExtended Range NitroxX
ITDATechnical NitroxXXX
ITDANormoxic TrimixXXX
ITDATrimix Level 1XXXX
ITDATrimix Level 2 (Trimix)XXXXX
MDEAAdvanced Trimix SpecialtyXpartialpartial
MDEAExtended Range SpecialtyXpartialpartial
MDEATrimix SpecialtyXpartialpartial
NAUIDecompression TechniquesX
NAUIExtended Range DiverXpartialpartial
NAUIHeliair Diver CourseXpartialpartial
NAUITechnical EANx DiverX
NAUITechnical Penetration Wreck DiverXpartialpartial
PATDAdvanced NitroxX
PATDNormoxic DiverXXX
PATDTechnical NitroxXXX
PATDTrimix DiverXXX
PDAFull Trimix Diverpartialpartial
PDATec Diver 1X
PDATechnical DiverXXX
PDATechnical Diver (Normoxic)XXX
PSAAdvanced Nitrox & Decompression ProceduresX
PSAAdvanced TrimixXXX
PSABasic TrimixXXX
PSAExpert TrimixXXX
PSAIAdvanced NitroxX
PSAIExtended RangeXXpartial
PSAITrimix Fundamentals DiverXXX
PSAIExpedition Trimix DiverXXXpartialpartial
PSAIExplorer Trimix DiverXXXXX
RAIDDecompression Procedures – Deco 40 m / 132 Ftpartial
RAIDDecompression Procedures – Deco 50 m / 164 FtX
SSIDecompression DivingX
SSIAdvanced Nitrox /Technical FoundationsX
SSIDecompression ProceduresX
SSINormoxic TrimixXpartialpartial
SSIAdvanced Decompression ProceduresXpartialpartial
TSADecompression DiverX
TSATek DiverXX
TSATrimix Diver (65 / 220)XXXXX
TSATrimix Diver (95 / 310)XXXXX
TDIAdvanced Nitrox Diver Coursepartial
TDIAdvanced TrimixXXXXX
TDIAdvanced Wreck DivingX
TDIDeco ProceduresXX
TDIEntry TrimixXXX
TDIExtended Range DiverXXX
TDITrimix DiverXXX
TSATrimix Diver 65X
TSATrimix Diver 75-95XXXXX